600km Brevet

January 14, 2017

Growing up in the north tip of the southern state - 600 kilometers of length was always a fascination number as it represented the length of the state of Kerala! Covering this distance in a train, car, bus was always a fun and someone suggested about the same on a bicycle! And that led to signing up for the 600 kms brevet to be completed in 40 hours.


Last time, the 400 kms looked crazy and so 600 kms was rightly described by my dear wife as madness exemplified :-)


Completing 600 kms within the allotted 40 hours (Saturday 5.30 am to Sunday 9.30 pm) forced us to get to the drawing board and plan it, not allow the body get over strained and not enjoy the ride. So breaks after every 100 kms, avoiding the ride 12 am to 3 am - to enjoy a good night sleep, and fitting attire and hydration made the whole task get executed like a clock work.


My biggest learning that any humongous task when broken down into simpler items makes it a whole lot easier to achieve - be it at work or sport.


Finally - the great company of dozen odd fellow riders helped in achieving this 600 kms Brevet challenge well before the cut off time. 


And the strava Stats always thrill us :

  • 601 kms of ride, 

  • 28 hours of riding time

  • 3840 meters of elevation

  • 22,000 calories


Again - all of this only made possible because of the equally crazy, mad and endurance seeking MACC riders: Sarvesha Samaga, Ashok Nithin Lobo, Shyamprasad Nayak, Nithin Mohan, Alan D'Souza, Hari, Shiva Shankar Achar, Sagar Kalburgi, Chinmay and the unrelenting support of family.


Hopefully this gives us the confidence to attempt the most prestigious brevet challenge sometime soon - the 750 mile Paris-Brest-Paris to be completed in 90 hours!


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