Here are some check-list items that each WERC Brevet participant needs to go through, to help complete the brevet ride safely and comfortably. 




  • Register with AIR (membership fees, rider number), at this link:

  • Go through Audax India's Brevet rules and regulations, at this link:

  • Carry brevet fees, to be paid before start of event. These fees are for organizing the brevet - like printing, petrol & transportation expenses.

  • Carry additional cash towards medal fees, if medal is required, to be paid at end of event.

  • Carry additional cash for food and any emergencies. Though organizers may arrange some refreshments at control points, please plan well for your snack / food requirements between intermediate points.

  • Provide contact number, emergency number to organizers, if not already provided.

  • Check whether the bike is fit for the ride.

  • Fit head & tail lights to the bike.

  • Wear reflective jacket (mandatory while riding in the dark).

  • Always wear helmets (compulsory).

  • Carry Strava route (on mobile / Garmin / Wahoo).

  • Carry cue-sheet for assistance (available at start point).

  • Carry water bottles / sippers / hydration pack.

  • Carry energy bars, Chocolates, dry fruits etc.

  • Carry spare tube, pump & multi tool for flats / minor repair.




  • Assemble at the start point at the designated time (coordinates will be provided separately).

  • Pay brevet fee at the registration desk. 

  • Sign waiver form.

  • Collect brevet card, cue-sheet, rider number tag & tie.

  • Ensure that in your brevet card, starting time is punched, sealed & signed. You need to carry the card safely with you all the time (use a plastic cover to protect from rain or sweat).

  • Hear the organizers / volunteers for instructions & briefing.

  • Assemble at the start point at designated time for flag off.




  • Maintain traffic rules, follow the route, help co-riders if needed.

  • Keep yourself hydrated regularly (sip water once every 15 minutes, coconut water is abundantly available on route).

  • Seek help from organizers in case of emergency.

  • Though not mandatory, try to ride in groups to enjoy fellow riders' company, the ride and for any emergencies.

  • If you want to drop off from the ride, call / message the organizers before dropping off.




  • Follow instructions of the organizer.

  • Control points have opening and closing times. Riders reaching early will have to wait until opening time and those arriving after closing time will be categorized as DNF (Did Not Finish).

  • Get your brevet card punched with timing, sealed & signed, and carry the card safely with you. 

  • Fill up water bottle with water and enjoy quick snacks if provided by the organizers.




  • Finish point has opening and closing times. Riders reaching early will have to wait until opening time and those arriving after closing time will be categorized as LF (Late Finish).

  • Provide your rider number and note time of arrival.

  • Confirm your requirement for finisher medal. If yes, please pay medal fees to the organizer.

  • Submit your brevet card with your signature and ensure that the check box for medal is tick marked.

  • Speak to our bloggers, media representatives, photographers and share your experiences.


Enjoy the route, ride safely and complete the brevet within the cut-off time!

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