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Ride To Kundadri

Located at a distance of 18km from Theerthahalli on Theerthahalli - Agumbe road or 70km from Udupi, Kundadri Hill is a huge monolithic rock formation with various outgrowths and is about 3,200 feet above sea level. Named after the Jain priest, "Kundakundacharya" who was said to have performed penance here, Kundadri has a Jain Basadi on top of the hill. On full moon day, one can experience sun rise and the moon set simultaneously.


Surrounded by dense evergreen forest, Kundadri is an adventurous place for trekking and a challenging climb for every cycling enthusiast. The distance from the base to the top is roughly around 3.2km, with an elevation gain of 320m. Considered to be 4th largest climb in Karnataka, this terrain is so mesmerizing that once a rider completes this climb, it entirely changes the perspective of a rider and his thinking of climbs!! 

The picture tells the story . .

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