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Tour Of Bhutan

When I had visited Bhutan last time, it was all about conquering some of the toughest and gruelling peaks, winding, unending & dangerous downhills in the world and while doing so, it was also to discover about GNH = Gross National Happiness. Years passed by and life was monotonous, busy in daily chores, morning rides, work, work & work harder and occasionally some weekend touring or hybrid rides with fellow riders.

When several trips to the challenging peaks on the western ghats from Mollem peak in Goa, to Kalahatti on the Nilgiris in Tamilnadu, Kanthalloor in Kerala to the peaks of Kundadri, Kudremuk, Mullayyanagiri, Bhagamandala, Ballalarayana Durga, Sampaje etc. in our own backyards in Karnataka didn’t satisfy our quest for climbs, it was time to go beyond boundaries and it can’t be better than exploring the ‘mountain Kingdom’ Bhutan again.

Having visited Bhutan once, it was time for me to guide a team of 8 daredevils, to experience the mystical journey of their life, which included having glimpses of Mt. Everest, & Jomolhari sometimes known as the bride of Kangchenjunga, scaling lower Himalayan mountains on the MTB bicycle to black mountain range in central Bhutan, bracing the wind chill as cold as -3 deg C, visiting monasteries for solace, dipping our legs in the ice water rivers, to feasting our stomach in some of the exclusive Bhutanese restaurants with ema datshi & red panda and finally ending the tour after meeting Kinga’s little princess!!

The tour was co-ordinated by Kinga (Owner of Kinga Bicycle who was our guide and CEO for the tour) & his team at Gawaling Tours & Treks (

Here is a glimpse of what we witnessed during the tour. Tashi Delek.

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